The Door is a horror / suspense thriller for young adults and adults.

The Devil is Coming!
Doors are physical barriers between environments. God's Angels have used some of them as time-space portals for thousands of years, knowing that "Only the good may pass." But, during the infamous "Witch Trials" in Salem Village, the Devil came to Massachusetts and he was invited into a holy church through one of those doors, nullifying the safeguards. Now Heaven itself and all of humanity are threatened by the ultimate evil of the Universe.
And he wants in....!

Made by Man, Empowered by God, Wanted by Lucifer, Evil has a new name: The Door.


Jody Rakis
The Door is a real page turner!  Excitement in every sentence.   The storyline is familiar, about good and evil. The author takes that storyline and raises it to the level of suspense throughout the book, from first page to last.  It is a story of a family of door It is a story of a family of door manufacturers,, who were the descendants of the very Puritans who came to America in 1620.  It is the awesome power of a Puritan church door and the craftsman who made it and who entered into a nefarious covenant with the Lord of Darkness himself that leads the reader through history like you have never experienced before. The doorway has a purpose, some for good and some for bad, the suspense builds as each time someone goes through it. From Hitler, to Einstein, conversations are serious, funny, or dramatic in content. Stories from the Civil War are most prevalent with the door-makers' family and they are warm and touching. But though the story soars through time, and characters in history, it is connected and easy to follow. Each page brings suspense, sometimes scary happenings, but definitely excitement.  I recommend this book for kids of all ages that enjoy a good, exciting story of good and evil.  Itís even kind of fun to see the devil knocked to his knees once in a while! And, who can pass up a story of victory from Archangel Michael?  Good work!

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