Special Message from Richard de Montebello

In 1998, we incorporated The Happy Kids Toy Company, Inc... in Abingdon, Virginia and set off to design and produce plush toys based on my comic book series © The Adventures of Browser and Sequoia 1993-2018.  We raised enough money to publish two issues of the comic book and manufacture thousands of plush toys based on Browser the Mammoth and Baby Saber.  We started off like a house on fire with the sale of 50,000 copies of the first issue of SaberCat Comics to the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We donated 3 pages of the first two issues to help the Mattaponi Indians with a write in campaign to save their reservation and it worked! We thought we were unstoppable. But we were and the house did burn down and I had to move back to Florida.

Sixteen and a half years later, I returned to Virginia and Smyth County---the home of Browser and Sequoia. Even though I was away, I continued to write, hope, dream and pray for a second chance.  I am happy to report, by God’s good graces, that second chance has materialized!!!! If the trend continues, I will be making a major announcement in the near future about the resurrection of The Happy Kids Toy Company, SaberCat Comics and the creation of several new companies and industries that will bring positive change to Smyth County and Southwest Virginia the likes of which y’all have never seen.


Richard de Montebello


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