SaberCat Studios first feature movie will be Down Home Bigg Tomm Little Critters.

 Bigg Tomm is driving his old John Deere Tractor through town, carrying a load of melons to the market and as he passes a boarded up and abandoned house, he hears: “Help us, help!”   He pulls off the boards covering the double front doors and discovers a working laboratory and he knows it has something to do with Professor Payne---who he’s had dealings with in the past and who was in jail again. The walls of the house’s great room are covered with cages filled with animals and the magical moment of the scene will be when they start talking to him. Professor Payne had manipulated them to have human intelligence and certain talents. (see character bible below)  The animals were smart enough to talk, smarter still not to talk in front of the professor--------so he has no idea that his experiments work.  As for Bigg Tomm, being an animal lover, he couldn’t leave them there in that lab, so he took all 20 “Little Critters” back to his farm and the adventure begins. When Payne realizes that the animals do talk and that his experiments worked, the Professor will do everything imaginable to get them back.

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