Calling An Angel is a religious comedy about a man named Gabriel, who nobody knew, who came to the sleepy town of Safe Haven, Virginia, went to the local medical walk-in and asked the two nurses at the reception desk, “Could you please tell the doctor that his Angel is here to see him.”

 Can you imagine starting a religious comedy in a medical walk-in? However, it works with this story!

 Winner of the Catholic Writer’s Guild coveted “Seal of Approval”, Calling An Angel is not just for Catholics; as a matter of fact the word Catholic is only seen on its front cover of the novel.

It is a family oriented comedy with an inspiring message for all Christians and anyone else who wants to have a good laugh and feel good. 

A fast paced dialog driven story about a troubled town with troubled people in the deep south who are totally unaware that they are about to face a natural disaster of biblical proportions.

 If there was ever a story that needs to be told in its entirety, it’s this one. Calling An Angel will make a wonderful TV miniseries for the whole family, one that will keep you coming back week after week and asking, “Is he an Angel, con man, or just plain nuts?”

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