The Adventures of Browser and Sequoia is a family oriented, dramatic and comical suspense thriller for kids and parents who want to BE PART OF THE ADVENTURE!

This is the story about the life and times of a Mammoth named Browser who rescued a young native boy named Sequoia from drowning in a salt pond, some 14,000 winters ago.

They became friends because Sequoia had an uncanny ability to “Speak to the animals.”  To many, Sequoia was thought to possess a powerful and magical “Medicine” that could control animals and be used as a weapon.

Browser and Sequoia would face many dangers—forest fires, floods, and crashing glaciers, as they were relentlessly pursued by Red Hawk, a War Captain from a rival clan, who wanted this “Medicine”, and by Sneer, the ultimate villain and the biggest Saber Tooth Tiger to ever walk the Earth. 

These are the adventures of Browser and Sequoia!

All Images and Intellectual Properties © 1993 to present Richard de Montebello