SaberCat Comics is going into the movie production business. We have relocated to Southwest Virginia where opportunities abound, but no motion picture facilities, personnel or equipment exists. In short, we are going to have to start from scratch to make our movies.  On the other hand, I believe that the only place in America where I can do this is in Smyth County, Virginia.
Richard de Montebello


         The corporate mission of SaberCat Studios Inc. is to utilize local building, business, investment, creative, entertainment and governmental resources to establish a creative enterprise where the most talented people in their respected fields of expertise from all over North America can come together to design, write, perform, produce and distribute numerous forms of entertainment that will be appreciated all over the world. 

  SaberCat Studios first objective will be to put forth a 3 Phase plan for the development a totally unique entertainment enterprise—the only commercial motion picture, high end post production ,VICON Motion Capturing Studio on the east coast of America.  “To attract the best projects, we must be able to offer the best equipment,” such as the best video and VICON Motion Capturing Cameras and the newest editing and audio recording equipment.  The words “State of the Art” must become synonymous with the name SaberCat Studios if we to be a successful commercial production facility.
         SaberCat Studios’ second objective will be to establish a design and toy manufacturing facility, where a new first of its kind interactive and programmable children’s toy can be assembled, marketed and distributed all over the world. Here too our clients can part take in our “commercial” attitude and have their animal and animated characters designed, manufactured and distributed.
         SaberCat Studio’s third objective will be to develop a tourist oriented mini theme park and convention center to create public awareness for the productions made at the studio, to test market the digital and gaming programs and toy and clothing products, to prompt sales of related merchandise and to ultimately generate sufficient profits to maintain the workforce during non-production periods.   It will be essential for our company to establish SaberCat Studios, of Atkins, Virginia as small to medium tourist destination and business center.

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